Ian Kelsey, ActorIan Kelsey, Actor

Ian Kelsey became a Patron of BURNAID when he met one of our patients Joseph Anderson when Joseph received the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Award for his bravery in 2002.

Joseph sustained a terrible ordeal when he fell into a bath of scalding hot water when he was 2 years old. He was struck by Joseph’s personality and bravery and wanted to become more involved with Burnaid who supported the family while Joseph was a patient on the Burns Unit.

Ian has enjoyed a varied television and theatre career he appeared for three years as Casualty’s Dr Patrick Spiller, he earned quite a reputation for his gruff bedside manner. His character met a rather dramatic end in 2002, however, and the actor has since swapped the city for life in the countryside, by joining the cast of Down To Earth till 2004.

His other TV credits include a stint as romantically-challenged Dave Glover in Emmerdale where he again met a tragic end as his character burned to death in a barn trying heroically to save child and then as corrupt cop Richard Mayne in Blue Murder.   More about Ian can be seen on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Kelsey