Birmingham Children's Hospital (Copy)BURNAID is a small local charity that supports Burn Survivors and their families at the Burn Centres, Birmingham Women’s and  Children’s Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

These two Burn Centres are the only two for the West Midlands Region serving a population size of over 10,500,000 people and covering a radius of over seventy miles around the two Hospitals.

To help and assist our patients BURNAID was established as a registered charity (charity number 511446) in the 1980s and is run entirely by Volunteers. Our small Committee is made up of patient representatives, members of the fire service and staff from the Burn Centres who give up their time freely to administer our funds.

BURNAID operates by providing:

  • Grants to fund a wide range of projects which include subsistence, accommodation and travelling expenses for patients and families.
  • Special equipment for patients to make their lives more comfortable.
  • Family holidays and short breaks.
  • Specialist equipment for the two Burn Centres to improve patient care.
  • Equipment to improve the environment for patients, families and siblings at the Burn Centres.
  • Home safety equipment for example stair gates and fire guards.
  • Educational opportunities for Staff that care for Burn Patients to improve their knowledge and skills to enable them to deliver the best care for our patients.
  • Funds to enable a Support Group to run on a monthly basis at the Adult Burn Centre.
  • Funds to enable a Support Group called ‘Enzo’s Friends for children and their families to continue to offer fun family days out and special events, attendance at national burn camps and social activities.
  • Funds to support the school reintegration programme ‘Back to School’ which helps children and young people with the transition back to school life after a burn injury.

BURNAID relies totally on generous donations from the Public and Local Groups to continue with its work.  Every penny raised goes directly to benefit our patients, their families and the Burn Centres to make a real difference to their lives, with no outlying costs for salaries or premises.

A burn injury is for life the scars are physical as well as psychological and can present life – long challenges. Being burned or scalded can mean years of painful treatment and for many patients operations to release the scar tissue as they grow to give them the best functional outcome.

The psychological impact of sustaining a burn injury is immense, particularly when burn survivors reach their teenage years and have to cope with self image, living with a visible difference and self confidence issues.

As an adult patient these injuries can affect your ability to work, it can affect you ability to make relationships and affects your self confidence and self esteem.

Burns patients have many challenges to face in their lives and BURNAID is there to help and assist them.

To request funds from the charity please complete the application form GRANT APPLICATION- Burn Aid – blank  and e-mail to