Air Ambulance - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Chance Agrellasource: Midlands Air Ambulance
originally published: June 2012

It was a typical spring evening and while their mums prepared dinner, two young boys were playing nearby. Gemma, from Bromyard, Herefordshire, explains the events of May 30th 2012 and how close she came to losing her son.

Ollie Halling-Smith, then 8, was playing with his friend Morgan, when he ran into the house screaming the word ‘petrol’.

Gemma recalls; “He had no top on and was white in colour. His dad Ryan rushed Ollie to the bathroom while I called 999. We were pouring water over him but he was blistering in front of us, it was horrific to watch and we felt helpless.”

A rapid response vehicle, a paramedic area support officer and the Midlands Air Ambulance from Strensham raced to the scene.

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